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Schedule Overview

Schedule of Sessions


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Location & Parking


We are located in the Jim D. Morris Center, which is on the north (downtown) side of Missouri State University's Springfield campus.

301 South Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO 65806

For more information, you can view the ELI's Contact page.


You can view an MSU campus visitor map here. We are building number 142 (2-D block).


Parking Suggestions & Warnings:

  • Use the city lot* diagonal from our building (no pass required; note highlighted yellow block below);
  • Use the city streets* (highlighted in yellow below).
  • Do not park in the lot next to Millie's Café (on Jefferson Ave.)

*For the most part, you can ignore the "max 2 hours" signs in the highlighted areas.

Parking Suggestions & Warnings


Visitor Information


Restaurants located in the downtown region (some of these are not in walking distance).


Overnight Visitors:

Nearby Accommodations:

You can also search lodgings here.


*Note that we are not endorsing any of these businesses; this information is provided for your assistance.



If you have any questions regarding the conference, please review the answered questions below.

Will presenters have access to a projector and computer in the rooms?

Yes. All rooms have computers running Microsoft Windows 10, a projector, sound system, and various input cables. Someone will be available to log you in before you present. You will not be able to set up in advance because the computers reset their image after each log out, which means that everything is deleted.

How should I prepare my presentation (regarding technology)?

I suggest bringing everything on a flash drive or having an online presentation ready (think Google Presentation or Prezi). However, you could theoretically bring your laptop and plug it in to our tech carts with the cables that are already available there; however, the chances for unexplainable failure are higher.

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