Requesting a J-1 Scholar to Come to Missouri State

J-1 exchange visitor professors and research scholars may be authorized to participate in an Exchange Visitor Program for the length of time necessary to complete the program providing the program does not exceed five years. J-1 short term scholars are limited to a maximum of six months. Below are the necessary and required documents for requesting a DS-2019 for a J-1 scholar.

A department requesting an exchange visitor must complete mandatory documents including the DS-2019 request form. When filling out the DS-2019 request form, the Exchange Visitor must provide information to the sponsoring department. Once the sponsoring department has filled out the DS-2019 request form they will need to put together the other documents and send them to the Office of International Services.

The following documents are necessary for processing a DS-2019 for Exchange Visitor:

  1. DS-2019 request form filled out and signed by sponsoring department
  2. The sponsoring department/college will identify a prospective visiting scholar and have conducted either an over the phone, Skype, or in person conversation to determine that English proficiency is high enough to be able to conduct business and research at the university. Include a note stating when this happened and if the level of English was high enough for what they will be doing at Missouri State University
  3. Resume of Exchange Visitor
  4. Letter of Invitation from Missouri State University
  5. Letter of Scholarship or Acknowledgement of Exchange Visitor from home country institution
  6. Letter documenting financial support or bank statement:
    1. $1,000 per month for Exchange Visitor (min. amount)
    2. $4,000 for spouses DS-2019
    3. $2,000 for each child for DS-2019
  7. Copy of passport and any dependent's passports if accompanying the visitor to the U.S.

What happens next?

After you complete the request form and send it to the Office of International Services, they will issue the DS-2019. The DS-2019 will be mailed directly to the scholar. The scholar then makes an appointment at a U.S. consulate or embassy. He/she will be required to show financial proof, citizenship (passport) and give a statement of his/her purpose for the visa. If dependents are accompanying the scholar, they too will need to attend this appointment and have proof of marriage and show birth certificates. The scholar will either be given a visa, be asked for more information or denied a visa. The denial of a visa is difficult to overcome. This is why we ask the scholar to make sure all of his/her documents are correct. 

Once the scholar arrives at Missouri State University they must check in at the Office of International Services. This check-in is a legal USCIS requirement and we ask the department to assist us by reminding the scholar of this obligation. The Office of International Services has a limited amount of time during which we must notify USCIS that the scholar has arrived. If this notification does not occur, the scholar will become illegally present in the US and may be subject to arrest or deportation.