Immigration for Faculty & Staff

All employment based visas must be approved and obtained prior to the nonresident alien starting work at the University. A nonresident alien who starts work prior to the authorized period will be classified as out of status and subject to deportation immediately. In addition, the University could face penalties and fines if the University allows a nonresident alien to work prior to the authorized period.

Most employment based visas require the University to sponsor the nonresident alien for a particular job, at a particular location. Therefore, even if a person is authorized to work with another institution the nonresident alien needs to go through the process of changing the sponsoring employer to Missouri State University.

Prior to extending an offer of employment to the nonresident immigrant, the hiring unit must contact the International Services office to discuss which type of visa is most appropriate for the candidate.

The International Services office will be responsible for filing the necessary forms with the USCIS. However, it is the responsibility of the nonresident immigrant and the hiring unit to complete and compile all of the necessary documents and forward to the International Services office.

The nonimmigrant foreign national must meet with the International Services Specialist immediately upon arrival in Springfield, Missouri. Failure of the nonresident immigrant to meet with the International Services Specialist could result in that person being out of status and subject to deportation.

If a hiring unit decides to employ a nonresident alien, it is the hiring unit’s responsibility to make sure that individuals visa is current and that the individual is engaging in activities outlined in the University sponsored petition.

The legal requirements and implications/challenges facing the immigration field are constantly changing; therefore, the University will not render legal advice regarding immigration matters. If a nonresident alien has an immigration issue, the nonresident alien should contact an attorney. Please note: If a nonresident alien is approved for permanent residency sponsorship by the University, the nonresident alien must use an attorney on the approved attorney list to help the nonresident alien during the process.

All student-related visa issues should be directed to the International Services at +1-417-836-6618.