Using Scholarships and Financial Aid to Study Abroad

As a Missouri State University student, your scholarships and financial aid can apply towards an approved study away program. There are also additional study away scholarship opportunities to help offset the cost of travel. Studying away does not have to be expensive, and the below resources are dedicated to helping you fund your study away plans.

Using Financial Aid

The Study Away Office works closely with the Office of Financial Aid to make study away opportunities available to all students. Students who have completed a FAFSA should contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss their aid packages.

We suggest you talk to the Financial Aid, Study Away Officer before taking out any private student loans. Financial Aid can also assist you with clarifying the expected amount of loan money you are to receive for the term you plan to study abroad.

Board of Governors or University Scholarship $500 Voucher

First-time college students entering Missouri State University in Fall 2013 or any semester after Fall 2013 who received either the Board of Governors Scholarship or the University Scholarship will receive a one-time $500 Study Away voucher as part of their award package. The award will be automatic upon verification of the student's study away participation in an approved program. This one-time voucher may be used to help cover the costs of tuition, travel expenses, living expenses, or any other costs related to the study away program. This voucher is automatic and does not require that the student complete any paperwork. Board of Governors and University Scholarship recipients may contact Study Away or Financial Aid staff if they wish to inquire about the $500 Study Away voucher.

Missouri State University General Departmental Scholarships

Missouri State University students are eligible to use their Missouri State University scholarships for approved study away programs. Students considering studying abroad should consider applying to the General Departmental Study Away Scholarships.These awards are typically awarded for the following academic year, so this requires students to plan well in advance of their study away period.  Students MUST meet the Study Away Programs eligibility requirements and be participating on an approved Study Away Program in order to be eligible to use MSU financial aid and/or scholarships.

FAQ Regarding General Departmental Scholarships:

  • Do I have to have a current FAFSA on file in order to apply for the General and Departmental Scholarship?
    In order for scholarship committees to determine financial need, any need based General and Departmental Scholarship requires a current FAFSA on file. Please make sure that a current FAFSA has been filed by the time scholarships are submitted.
  • When will I be notified if I am a scholarship recipient?
    Selections are made throughout the spring semester as different committees finalize decisions. Each department and committee establishes their own deadline for awarding scholarships. The university deadline is mid-May. All students selected for awards should be notified by mid-May at the latest.
  • Will I receive any notice if I am not selected for any scholarships?
    For the General and Departmental Scholarships students are only notified if they receive an award.


Study Away College Scholarships 

Missouri State University's colleges teamed with the President's Office and International Programs to offer scholarships for study away students.

In order to apply for any of the below scholarships, you must have your complete application and all required supporting documents turned into the Study Away Office located in PSU 209 according to the following deadline schedule:

College of Agriculture (COA) Study Away Scholarship Application

College of Arts and Letters (COAL) Study Away Scholarship Application

College of Business (COB) Study Away Financial Award Program 

College of Education (COE) Study Away Scholarship Application

College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) Study Away Scholarship Application

College of Humanities and Public Affairs (CHPA) Study Away Scholarship Application

College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CNAS) Study Away Scholarship Application 

 FAQ Regarding Study Away College Scholarships:

  • Do I have to have a current FAFSA on file in order to apply for the Study Away CollegeScholarships?
    In order for scholarship committees to determine financial need, any need based College Scholarship requires a current FAFSA on file.  If need is not required, but considered Study Away encourages applicants to have a FAFSA on file.
  • When will I be notified if I am a scholarship recipient?
    For Study Away College scholarships, please look on each application for the specific decision date. Generally, decisions are made a within a month after the application deadline.
  • Will I receive any notice if I am not selected for any scholarships?
    Any student applying to the College Scholarships through the Study Away online application will be notified of the final decision on their application.

External Study Abroad Funding Resources

Just as there are a variety of scholarships for degree-seeking students attending university, there are also numerous scholarships available for study abroad students.  We encourage you to research these opportunities and have listed a small representation of these Outside Study Abroad Scholarships and Resources.

Direct Billing Arrangements

Study Away Programs has "direct billing" agreements with the below affiliate program providers. This agreement helps students pay the cost of their study away program fees to Missouri State University, instead of paying the entire cost to an affiliate provider ahead of time. A direct billing agreement also streamlines the use of financial aid and scholarships that post automatically to a student's MSU account. If students are using an affiliate provider from the list below, then the cost of the program fee will be sent to Study Away Programs upon the student's acceptance to the program. Study Away will pay the cost of the program fee for the student, and post the charge to the Missouri State University student account prior to financial aid disbursement.

For example: in April, you apply to study abroad in Florence through SAI for the fall semester. Upon your acceptance in May, SAI will send Study Away your bill that includes your program cost. Study Away pays the bill for you, to secure your place in the program. In August before you leave, Study Away posts the charge to your MSU student account before financial aid and scholarships disburse. If there are charges remaining on your MSU student account after scholarships and financial aid is disbursed, you are responsible for paying the remaining charges on your student account.

If a student withdraws, defers, or cancels their study away plans, the student is subject to the affiliate program provider's cancellation and withdraw policies. If a refund is owed to the student at the time of withdraw, the refund will be sent to Study Away to credit the student's account. Students will be financially responsible for any remaining charges as a result of withdrawing or deferring their study away plans.

List of Affiliate Programs with Direct Billing Agreements:

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