Developing a Short Term Faculty Directed Study Away Program

Why lead a Short Term Study Away Program?

Teaching on a study abroad program develops your ability to be innovative and creative. On Springfield’s campus, you have your classroom. When you are abroad, you have the entire city, culture and more.

If you are interested in directing a Short Term program, and seeing academics and experience converge, please review the proposal template for Short Term Faculty Directed study away programs posted under Resources for Program Directors. Remember, your study away course should be so integrated with the location that it cannot be executed anywhere else. It should facilitate comparative study within your field, and reflect the city, country, culture, significant people and sites, foreign language, and more. Do not create your course without the country in mind, or choose the country without the course in mind. Program directors may offer a course within their own discipline and/or offer the General Education Course IDS 297/397. Please review the syllabus template for IDS 297/397, along with instructions regarding course approval, posted under Resources for Program Directors.

Short Term study away programs vary in length. Some directors lead programs over spring break for one week; other programs may be as long as six weeks. Program directors lead orientation sessions prior to travel to better prepare the students for cultural differences and maximize their learning opportunities. As you begin developing your proposal, please contact Study Away Director Elizabeth Strong with questions or further information.

Study Away News for Spring 2017

 Short Term Program Proposals

Academic Proposal for Faculty Directed Program
Budget Proposal: All Short Term Faculty Directed Program

Resources for Preparing to Submit a Proposal

 Calculating Compensation and Minimum Number of Students

 Study Away Salary Redistribution Policy for Department Heads & 12 Month Faculty

 Study Away Salary Redistribution Policy for Staff

OANDA Currency Converter for Budget Estimations

 Examples of Previous Program Proposals and Final Reports

List of Program Director and Study Away Office Responsibilities

The Forum's Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad Programs

UHC 350 (Honors Course) Application for Short Term Programs IDS 297 Application Proccess & Syllabus for Short Term Programs

Faculty Directed Programs Within the U.S.

The template above pertains to programs that are tied to a credit bearing course AND programs that are academically related, but not credit bearing. Unless a college dean states that they are responsible for a particular program, Study Away Programs will manage the accounting. The college dean must notify Study Away Programs if the dean makes the decision for Study Away to manage the program’s accounting. Of course, Study Away Programs manages all Short Term Faculty Directed programs for trips outside the United States.

Study Away Exploratory Travel Funds

Study Away Programs provides funds for faculty exploratory travel. The aim of exploratory faculty travel is to increase the number of Short Term Faculty Directed programs to expand opportunities for students to enhance cultural competence. The funded travel will help ensure faculty director preparedness in safety and logistical measures for a future Short Term program.

Spring 2017 Exploratory Travel Fund Request for Proposals

Examples of Approved Exploratory Faculty Fund Proposals

Award for Excellence in Study Away Programming

Missouri State University Study Away Advisory Committee (SAAC) seeks to recognize outstanding faculty members who foster cultural competence and community engagement in fulfillment of the University’s Public Affairs Mission. Short Term study away programs are defined as credit-offering programs that are eight weeks or less.

There are two Study Away Awards for Excellence in Short Term Study Away Programming.

  • The first award recognizes faculty members whose programs directly address the recognition and respect of multiple perspectives and cultures, i.e., cultural competence.
  • The second award recognizes faculty members whose programs enable students to participate in an organized service activity that meets reciprocally identified community needs, i.e., community engagement.

Study Away Advisory Committee (SAAC)

  • Terrel Gallaway (CHPA)
  • Janice Greene (CNAS)
  • Chuck Hermans (COB)
  • Amy Muchnick (COAL)
  • Lisa Proctor (CHHS)
  • Cara Smith (COE)
  • Christi Sudbrock (SOA)

Customized Program Provider Options

Faculty have the option of using a study abroad affiliate provider to assist them in planning Short Term study away programs. Program providers can help arrange on-the-ground logistics so that faculty can focus on teaching. A program provider may make hotel arrangements, book flights, organize meals, facilitate guided tours, and arrange guest lectures, among other tasks. Please be aware of University Policy Op.5.20 when working with program providers in this document.

Proposal Submission Deadlines

 Standard deadline for programs departing in December 2017 or January 2018:
Friday, May 5, 2017

Priority deadline for programs departing in March, May, June, July, and August 2018:
Friday,  July 21, 2017

Standard deadline for programs departing in March, May, June, July, and August 2018: 
Friday, September 29, 2017
Proposals submitted by the priority deadline will guarantee the program director table space at the September 14th, 2017 Study Away Fair for student recruitment.


Op5.20 Policies for Faculty-Led Short-Term Study Away Programs

See University-Wide Study Away Policies for complete details.

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Also see the Op5.20-1 Travel Warnings and Prohibitions Policy page.