Hybrid English & Leadership Immersion Program

English language and leadership are power.  Today, there is a need to communicate in a global society where English is a prerequisite to gaining power in an ever-changing, interconnected world. At the same time, leadership and interpersonal skills are the keys to success in life. The English and Leadership Immersion Program delivers an immersive experience that activates these powerful tools through living and learning communities.

Gain important leadership skills through dynamic group projects and workshops, emotional intelligence training, and opportunities to gain a wider perspective of the world by interacting with people from around the world. Packing over 100 hours of immersion experience into four weeks, the program delivers measurable results in a very short time. 

Participants will receive a score at the end of the program, based on the CEFR parameters.

Program Hours: Over 100 (including academic courses and immersion activities)

Admission Requirements: Oral Placement Interview will be conducted by MSU representatives and are required for admission.

Program Objectives

The main goal of the program is to develop participants’ overall English skills, with a strong emphasis on oral skills, so they can increase their English by one-half of a CEFR (Common European Framework fo Reference for Languages) level. This means participants with A2 English skills will be closer to A2+ and B1+ participants will be closer to B2 when they leave.

In addition to CEFR levels, participants will improve their written skills for academic purposes, develop their oral interaction skills and fluency to communicate confidently with speakers from any country, and receive an experience of diversity and inclusivity with cultures from around the world.

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