International Dual Credit

High School students can get a “jump start” on college by earning college credit before attending college on a full-time basis!

  • Pay less than the cost of regular non-resident course fees charged by the University. (Dual Credit fees for the 2015-2016 school year are $150 USD per credit hour. For a three credit hour course, this calculates to $450 USD. To compare, regular Missouri State University in-state fees for 2015-16 are $205 USD per credit hour, or $615 USD for a three credit hour course.)
  • Students take classes during their normal high school hours, earning both high school and university credit for their work.
  • Earn credit hours that are applicable toward a degree at Missouri State University and are generally transferrable to other accredited colleges and universities. (Please note: because each institution establishes its own transfer credit policies, Missouri State University cannot guarantee transfer of credit to another university.)
  • Missouri State University is a fully accredited institution by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

The benefit to the high school

  • In addition to the reduced tuition paid by the students for college credit, a portion of the net revenue will be returned to the high school. (For the 2015-2016 school year, $50 USD per credit hour of the fees collected are returned to the school.)
  • Students have access to University library databases and services, University email, and will receive a Missouri State University ID.
  • Dual Credit courses enrich and extend the high school curriculum, provide introductory college coursework, and avoid unnecessary duplication in coursework as students move from high school to college.

The High School teachers will be approved by the appropriate department at Missouri State University. Typically, to be approved, an instructor will have a master’s degree with 18 credit hours at the master’s level in the discipline being taught as Dual Credit.

What students can expect

  • Course rigor – the course syllabus and content are approved by the academic department at Missouri State University and will be taught at the college level. Therefore, students can expect the difficulty of Dual Credit courses to be greater than that of other high school courses.
  • Study time – as a general rule, students will be expected to study two hours per week for each credit hour taken. Thus, for a three credit hour course, students should plan on approximately six hours per week for study and homework in addition to class time.
  • Grades – students will be graded based on Missouri State University standards and against other Missouri State University students. Students may be required to take a departmental final exam upon completion of the course. This exam will be administered at the high school.
  • Academic record – the credit and grades earned through the pre-college Dual Credit program will become a part of the student’s permanent academic record (transcript) at Missouri State University.
  • Policies/procedures – students will be expected to follow Missouri State University policies and procedures. These are available at online.
  • Attendance – students should avoid missing classes unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Course fees – course fees are based on an established rate, which is less than the rate charged for courses taken at the Missouri State Campus.

Current international dual credit partners

  • The American School – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Orchlon International School – Ulan Baatar, Mongolia
  • Royal Elite International Academy – St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Liaoning Normal University High School – Dalian, China

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