The ELI Online

The ELI Online

The ELI Online is a new unit of the ELI, which has been teaching ESL for 30+ years in Springfield, Missouri. The ELI is a CEA-accredited program with many experienced instructors. The ELI Online will make some of this experience available to you if you are interested in improving your language skills.

You are invited to join Missouri State University's ELI Online. If you cannot travel to America today to take ESL courses, then you can still learn, practice, and get feedback on your writing, speaking, or pronunciation from our experienced ESL instructors. Monthly courses have begun at the ELI Online and start at $60 USD (see more about the courses here).

Unlike other online ESL programs, the ELI Online offers focused feedback from experienced ESL teachers who work in an American university-based English learning program, like the ELI. Now, anyone can start learning and practicing English skills from anywhere in the world.

Contact the ELI Online Coordinator, Brandon Decker, if you have any questions or suggestions:

Highlights of the courses:

  • Once a week for 4 weeks
  • Receive video-recorded feedback from an experienced ELI instructor
  • Watch the video and do the work anytime you want OR meet at specific times each week to talk with ELI instructors
  • Anyone can take the class, with any level of English skills
  • Average internet speeds required for writing & pronunciation courses
  • No need to purchase software 

Private 1-on-1 online sessions are also possible. Each is 1 hour long and can be customized to meet your needs.  

Please note that ELI Online classes are not for credit and do not count toward full-time status for students holding an F-1 visa.  Students who wish to study English (ESL) full-time in the U.S. should apply to the English Language Institute.