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Comparison of the Current Course Options 

Total tuition per session $60 $60 $80 $80

Academic Writing Feedback Course

Pronunciation Feedback Course

Speaking & Discussion Course

Private 1-on-1 Sessions

4 weeks4 weeks4 weeksone time
Improve your English so you can start at a higher level at the ELI or another institute

Asynchronous meetings with recorded lessons (see a writing course lesson and a pronunciation course lesson)

Weekly homework assignments

Submit a sample of your writing and get personal video-recorded feedback from ELI instructors (see example feedback on written assignment)

Submit a sample of your speaking and get personal video-recorded feedback from ELI instructors  

1-hour classes that meet each week online at specific times    

Talk to your instructor face-to-face online    

Small class sizes (no more than 6 students/class)    

Listen to a recording of your instructor giving you feedback

Get feedback on your grammar problems  



Improve your writing and speaking, so you can improve your performanced on tests in English, like the TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE & GMAT

Listen to audio homework & read an assigned article before class, so you can participate in an informed discussion with 5 other classmates & the instructor    

Get oral feedback on your speaking skills    

Discuss or write on any topic; tailor the class to your needs      
*This is possible with the private sessions, depending on what you request and how many sessions you order.

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 ELI Online: Weekly Plan for Courses

Plan for Pronunciation & Writing Courses Each Week:

  1. General Learning: Watch & study video lecture; Receive level-based homework assignment
  2. Practice & Application: Complete & submit pronunciation or writing homework
  3. Specialized Learning: Receive recorded video feedback from an ELI instructor

Plan for Speaking & Discussion Course Each Week:

  1. Class Preparation: Instructor assigns the students a topic; you read & listen before class
  2. Practice & Application: Meet with your instructor & online classmates to discuss the weekly topic
  3. Specialized Learning: Receive written feedback from your ELI instructor about your speaking responses