The ELI Online: Instructions for New Students

Student Expectations & Responsibilities

  • The ELI Online Coordinator will email registered students by the Friday before the session begins. You will be informed who your instructor is for the upcoming session. You will get the instructor's email address.
  • Course instructors will email you about specific information for each course. For example...
    • In Pronunciation and Writing courses, the instructor will send you a link to a Google video or email link (viewable only by those who have the link) that includes your video feedback.
    • In Writing courses, you will need to email your homework assignment directly to your instructor.
    • In Pronunciation courses, you can also email your recording directly to your instructor.
    • In Speaking & Discussion courses, your instructor will give you some choices on upcoming topics for the session, and you will need to give prompt feedback, so the instructor can make plans. Your instructor will also send you links to things to listen to and read before each week's meeting.
      • In these courses, your instructor will also send you information on how to prepare for the live video meeting. It is best if you do this in advance so that no class time is wasted getting set up.
  • You will turn in your homework by the Wednesday of each week; if you are late, then your feedback will be late too. If you are excessively late (more than 1 week or after the last week of class), then you might not get any feedback.
  • If you have any problems, please email your instructor; don't wait till the end of the session. If your instructor is unable to help you or doesn't respond in a timely fashion (48 hours), then email the However, instructors are not obliged to answer all of your questions if they are not within the scope of the course objectives.

Instructor Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Instructors will notify students of any and all changes to the planned schedule.
  • Instructors will send the students the video feedback on their written or recorded assignments by the Monday after it is due. If instructors receive it late, then they may return it late.
  • Instructors of live discussion courses will either email or write online the links to audio and reading for each session. The instructor may also include specific vocabulary to study in advance. For students in China, the instructor will use this website to confirm that the links are available in your country.
  • Instructors respond to student emails in a timely fashion (48 hours).
  • Instructors are not responsible for giving extra feedback to students on assignments beyond the length of our course homework or on assignments unrelated to our assignments.
Note: Expect more information to be posted here as our program grows and we get more feedback from students.