The ELI Online: Do you have questions?

Q: I live in China and there's no YouTube or Google access. How can I take ELI Online courses?

A: We have copied all of our free ELI Online videos to, and we have made other changes to make it easy for students in China to join the program. Students in China should read about the program changes here (i.e. and not YouTube/Google). Chinese students in America or another country can choose to access the YouTube or videos.

Q: Are these credit courses?

A: No, these courses are not for credit. However, like the main ELI program, the purpose of the courses is to increase your English skills, which will improve your performance in for-credit courses at MSU or another school.

Q: Can I take these classes to fulfill my F-1 visa requirements in the USA?

A: No, these classes are not for credit and do not count toward full-time status for students holding an F-1 visa.  Students who wish to study English (ESL) full-time in the U.S. should apply to the English Language Institute, where they can get a visa for their full-time studies.

Q: How do I meet teacher and classmates for my online Speaking & Discussion course?

A: There is no software for you to purchase. Your instructor will send you a link to Skype,, Zoom, or Collaborate (it depends on what works best for all the students in the class) and will send connection information to you by email. You can join the class by smartphone or computer. It is best to use something with a camera so everyone can see you, but this is not necessary. A microphone is necessary. It is also a good idea to test the connection before the first class.

Q: How can I send writing assignments to my teacher?

A: Before each session begins, your instructor will email you directly. You can reply to this email and send the writing assignment. Please do not send large attachments in the email and be sure to send the text either in the email itself or as a Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text File (.rtf). If the instructor cannot open it, then there will be a delay in the feedback.

Q: How do I send my audio recording to my instructor?

A: You can email the audio directly to your instructor.

Q: How will my instructor send me feedback videos?

A: Your instructor will upload the recorded feedback videos to Google drive (or will send it by private email using because the files are large) and share it with you. Then your instructor will email you the link.

Q: When will my instructor send me feedback?

A: Ideally, you will turn in your assignment by the first Wednesday of the first week of the session. Then your instructor will have your feedback ready by the end of the following Monday. If you turn it in by Friday, then you should expect it by the end of the following Wednesday. This means that you should expect your instructor to take 3 business days (Mon-Fri) to complete your feedback.

Q: Why are the writing and pronunciation videos free to watch?

A: These videos are our contribution to international education. We want to help everyone improve their English speaking and writing skills. 

Q: What topics will we discuss in the Speaking & Discussion Course?

A: Topics may be academic or popular. The instructor will make some suggestions and gather input from the students on the first day. Note that the instructor needs time to find appropriate reading and listening material for you, so you should make requests at the beginning of the session.

If you have more questions, please contact the ELI Online Coordinator, Brandon Decker: