The ELI Online: Video Lessons

[Students IN CHINA should read about the videos on and other changes we made so that it will be easier for you to join the ELI Online courses in China.]

The Writing and Pronunciation courses include 3 steps:

  1. Students watch videos, which are free for anyone to view

  2. Students complete homework assignment found at the end of the video

  3. Students submit homework assignments and receive video-recorded feedback from an ELI instructor; only registered students can get feedback.

The Speaking & Discussion course is a live course with an ELI instructor and up to 5 other classmates.

YouTube Videos are Ready!

Below are the first set of Writing and Pronunciation courses, which are currently available on the ELI's YouTube page and on

Example Feedback Video

At the bottom of the page is an example of the kind of video feedback you can expect for a writing course. A speaking course's feedback would be similar but the video would include the audio being played back live while the instructor pauses to give comments and make suggestions. Note that feedback videos are not posted on YouTube but are Google links (or links) that are privately sent to the students.

Example Feedback from a Writing Assignment