Orientation Checklist

Scholar Information


You may download a printable version of this page here.


  • If you are eligible for a social security number, we will give you a Social Security Letter and a form to complete. Take these two forms to the Social Security Administration Office: 1570 W. Battlefield Rd. #100, Springfield, MO 65807 9:00am-4:00pm M,T,H,F & 9:00-12PM W
  • Please provide proof of medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance that meets or exceeds the minimum J-1 requirements:
    • The insurance must cover you and any dependants for medical coverage of at least:
    • $50,000 per person per accident or illness,
    • $7,500 of repatriation of remains coverage
    • $10,000 medical evacuation expense coverage
    • a deductible of $500 or less per accident or illness (US dollars)
  • Receive an M Number (your M Number will be emailed to you)
  • Take your M Number, offer letter and photo ID to the BearPass Office located in the lower level of the Plaster Student Union to obtain a BearPass card.
  • Open a bank account. You may choose any bank which will be able to receive a direct deposit of US dollars. Two banks near to campus are the Commerce Bank on the second floor of the Plaster Student Union and the Teachers Credit Union located on Grand east of national. Typically, you will need two forms of identification (including your passport) to open a bank account. Remember or write down your bank account number and routing number for payroll purposes.
  • Go to computer services in the Cheek computer lab and get an email (Bearmail) account. You need your BearPass card.
  • If you are receiving funds through the university, go to Payroll (Carrington 119) to complete your employment paperwork and set up direct deposit with your bank information.
  • If you are receiving funds through the university, go to Human Resources (Carrington 118) to receive your benefits orientation packet (Full time employees only)
  • Complete the following online training at http://www.missouristate.edu/human/training/compliance-training.htm
    • Preventing Discrimination and Harrassment Online Training Program
    • Preventing Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) Online Training
    • You will need to print an acknowledgement statement and certificate, and return it to International Services either via email or hard copy

Things to bring with you to the Office of International Services

  1. Your proof of insurance (if you have not done so already)
  2. Copies of the Acknowledgement Certificate of the online trainings

Reasons you may need to visit the Office of International Services

  1. If you plan on getting a driver’s license, you will need a letter from International Services. Please send an email to ELeonard@MissouriState.edu. 
  2. If you make travel plans outside of the United States you must bring your DS-2019 for travel signatures. 
  3. If you plan on extending or cutting short your stay, let International Services know at least 15 days prior.