Applying for a Social Security Number

Application for a Social Security Number (SSN) can take 6-8 weeks. Not all exchange visitors are eligible for a SSN and can use their Missouri State Student Identification number for the duration of their exchange visitor program at Missouri State University.

To be eligible for a Social Security Number an exchange visitor must be paid by the University or another US agency. If an exchange visitor does not meet these requirements, but has a justifiable need for a SSN such as renting an automobile or applying for a driver’s license, he or she may apply for a limited SSN or denial letter through the same process. These will suffice for most non-employment related reasons a person would need a SSN.

The SSN Application is typically completed during the exchange visitor’s orientation and validation at the Office of International Programs. The Social Security Administration requires copies of the exchange visitor’s passport, visa, DS-2019, and an employment letter signed by a responsible officer for the University’s exchange visitor program (Sample Letter).