Filing Fees for H1B Visa Petition

Hiring departments are responsible for payment of all USCIS filing fees REQUIRED for employment of the foreign national. Missouri State University currently uses an immigration attorney to handle all filing of petitions so there is also a filing fee for them.

  • $325 I-129 Regular Processing Fee (required for ALL applications).
  • $500 Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee (required for ALL applications EXCEPT amendments and extension of H1B visa status).
  • $1200 filing fees for immigration attorney
  • $1225 Premium Processing Fee, to guarantee 15-day processing time by USCIS (not required for all cases; only required for cases where H1B approval is needed to maintain legal status or begin employment at Missouri State University).
  • $290 I-539 Dependent Family Member Fee (only required if dependents need H4 dependent status). Not required to be paid by hiring department.

This list does NOT include visa issuance fees levied at U.S. Consulates/Embassies for applicants outside of the U.S. Foreign nationals residing outside the U.S. should visit the Department of State's website to obtain a current list of visa issuance procedures.

**fees subject to change

To see complete list of filing fees for immigration purposes, click here to view them.