Online Immigration Training

All new international students are required to complete our Online Immigration Orientation prior to arrival in Springfield, Missouri. This is for your benefit! Travel and arrival at your United States port of entry will be much easier if you are familiar with your immigration documents and identification that you'll need to present upon arrival in the United States. 

To complete Online Immigration Orientation: 

  1. Create your BearPass login and email address. If you've already done this step, great! 
  2. Log on to Blackboard, Missouri State University's online learning management system. Find out how to log on here
  3. Choose "Community" in the top right corner. "International Student Orientation" will populate in the "My Organizations" tab.Online Immigration Training at Missouri State University
  4. Now you're on our Online Immigration Orientation page.Online Immigration Training at Missouri State University
  5. From the Online Immigration Orientation page, choose "Immigration Orientation" from the navigation at left. Online Immigration Training at Missouri State University
  6. Follow the instructions to complete the Online Immigration Orientation tutorial videos and quiz. 
  7. Upload your immigration documents. PDF or JPG files will work. document-upload

This process will make your life easier as you prepare for travel and arrival in Springfield, Missouri. Please contact us if you have questions - we're happy to help!

Call: +1-417-836-6618