Get to Know Study Away's Student Staff!

Emily Wheeler

Emily's BioWhen Emily Wheeler was a kid her family would vacation once a year in Mexico, which began her passion for international culture. When Emily was in high school she knew that she wanted to do some sort of study away program during college. Upon entering Missouri State, Emily began planning her first education abroad experience. Emily’s family guided her to select a semester abroad option and this was the greatest decision she has ever made.

Emily spent four months in Costa Rica her sophomore year completely immersed in the culture. She learned so many new things while improving her Spanish language skills. During her time in Costa Rica, she was provided the opportunity to participate in cultural immersion opportunities that provided her the opportunity to expand her cultural awareness and make life-long friends. Emily’s time abroad afforded her the opportunity to visit Nicaragua as well.

As an International Business major and Spanish minor, Emily is hoping to double major. After graduation Emily would like to work in Spain or Europe, hopefully finding a job that combines her International Business degree and passion for travel!

Jack Deline

Lisa BuckJack DeLine is joining the Study Away team as a Global Ambassador coming off of a year abroad in Salamanca, Spain. He is a junior at Missouri State, and studies Global Studies and Spanish. While in Spain, Jack took two semesters of courses in Spanish, as well as taught English to children in a local community school. He has also been to San José, Costa Rica, where he participated in a mission trip. He is so excited to be back at Missouri State as a Global Ambassador, and to use the experiences he has had abroad to encourage and inspire others to travel and study as well.

While in Spain, Jack travelled to more than 40 European cities and 10 countries, one of which was in Africa! Some of his favorite spots include London, Sevilla, and Dubrovnik. Unequivocally, participating in a Study Away was the greatest adventure of his life and the best decision he ever made.

Moving forward, Jack sees himself living in Europe and would love to work for an international business, a governmental organization that deals with foreign affairs, or any job that allows him to travel and see the world. On top of this, once he masters Spanish, he would love to tackle a third, or even fourth language. He can't wait to see where his studies and travels will take him next!" 


Haylee Ebersole

HayleeHaylee Ebersole’s love for traveling began when she was given the opportunity to travel abroad the summer before my sophomore year of high school. As she traveled through Europe she couldn't get enough of the culture, architecture, and of course the food. It was a whole new world, a world that she needed to see more of.

 She decided to study abroad the spring semester of her sophomore year. As a Fashion Merchandising and Management major with a minor in International Marketing, choosing where to study was easy. What better place to study than in the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Italy. While abroad she took 21 flights, visited 13 cities, and entered 8 countries. She feels extremely blessed to have this amazing opportunity and cannot wait to help others experience a whole new world.

Miranda O'Connell

MirandaMiranda O’Connell is currently a junior studying Exercise and Movement Science - Health Studies. She plans to further her education to help her fight for equality in health care, both domestically and internationally.

The best decision that Miranda O’Connell has ever made was her decision to spend a semester abroad in Cork, Ireland. There, she was able to immerse herself in a new culture, which broadened her horizons and opened her eyes to the world around her. Not only did she learn a new way of life and learn so much more about herself, but she also met many astounding people in the process. While abroad she was able to travel around to Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, which allowed her to truly understand the European way of life.

Outside of school and traveling, Miranda spends her time adventuring around her home state of Idaho, taking pictures, hanging out with her friends, or volunteering for causes that she finds important. 

Miranda is excited to work with Missouri State Study Away Programs as a Global Ambassador to help people have a positive, life changing experience like she did!

Mercer Martin

MercerMercer Martin is a senior at Missouri State, majoring in agricultural communications and minoring in Russian. Mercer had the wonderful experience to live in the countries of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan for two years during middle school, where his parents served as missionaries and where he was introduced to the Russian language. When he began studies at Missouri State, he knew he wanted to continue his study of Russian and create a new global experience, which led him to study abroad in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Mercer studied solely the Russian language in Russia for 7 months. He loved living in Saint Petersburg for its stunning architecture and cold climate. While in the country, he was immersed in the Russian culture, while also creating many friendships with other international students from around the globe. He also got involved with a local Russian church where he served and made many new friends. While abroad, he also visited Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Moldova.

Back at home, Mercer raises Red Angus cattle on his farm in Willard. He is also very involved with his campus ministry, Chi Alpha, and his church. Upon graduation, Mercer plans to attend law school and pursue a career in the law.

Emma Farley

EmmaEmma Farley is excited to join the staff of the Study Away office for a second year. She is a double major in Spanish and  Global Studies with a focus area in political, social, and environmental issues and a minor in Latin American Studies. Emma studied abroad during summer 2015 in Heredia, Costa Rica with SOL education, summer 2016 in Cusco, Peru, and again during the summer of 2017 in Cusco, Peru. Her love for the Spanish language, culture, and people began in her childhood when her family adopted three children from Bogota, Colombia.  Her favorite hobbies include traveling, running, singing, and playing intramural soccer. Emma can´t wait to begin helping other students have the same amazing Study Away experience that she did!