10 Steps to Study Away

1. Attend a Study Away Info Session

Informational meetings are held in the PSU throughout the semester. This is a great way to know about your study away options and funding opportunities.

2. Define Your Goals

Have a preliminary idea of you want to achieve while abroad. This is the best way to join the program that match your interests.

3. Research Program Options

Learn about the country or countries where you want to go. Review websites and literature to identify programs.

4. Meet with the Study Away Advisor

Once you have determined what country and program you are interested in, meet with the Study Away Advisor to discuss your plans. The advisor will answer any questions you have and help you work through the application process.

5. Meet with your Academic Advisor

Discuss your study away program and how it will fit in with your degree requirements. Make a plan for graduation that includes studying abroad.

6. Apply for a Program

Submit your applications and all the supporting documents to the Study Away Programs office by the deadlines listed for your program.

7. Build your Budget

Use the budget planning worksheet in the Study Away application to organize your estimated expenses.  Please be aware that any student participating in a Study Away program will be responsible for the International Programs Academic Fee, per the Board of Governor's approved policy for the term you study abroad.  This fee covers your Board of Governor's mandatory health insurance.

8. Make Financial Aid Arrangements

Meet with a Financial Aid advisor to discuss how your financial aid will apply towards your program. Find more about scholarships opportunities offered for Missouri State students.

9. Get your Courses Pre-Approved

Submit your "Transfer Coursework Preapproval" requests using the form on your My Missouri State portal.

10. Prepare to Travel

Gather your travel documents (including your passport and visa), attend orientation, and pack your bags.