About International Programs

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International Programs operates under the guidance of the Provost Office as a point of coordination for several offices within the University that provide services for international students and faculty.

International Programs Mission

To facilitate the Public Affairs Mission of Missouri State University through international services and programs; to enhance global awareness and cross-cultural understanding; and to provide opportunities for the Missouri State University community to become fully engaged members of a global society.

International Programs

 Jim D. Morris Center 413
Phone: 417-836-4988
Web site: http://international.missouristate.edu

International Services

Jim D. Morris Center 101
Phone:  417-836-6618
Web site:  http://international.missouristate.edu/students  
Email:  InternationalStudentServices@missouristate.edu

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

English Language Institute

Jim D. Morris Center 200
Phone:  417-836-6540
Web site:  http://international.missouristate.edu/eli/
Email:  JaneRobison@missouristate.edu 

Study Away

Jim D. Morris Center 403
Phone:  417-836-6368
Web site:  http://international.missouristate.edu/studyaway/
Email:  ElizabethStrong@MissouriState.edu

International Business Programs

Glass Hall 223
Phone:  417-836-5616
Web site:  http://ibp.missouristate.edu/
Email:  IBP@missouristate.edu

Office of China Programs

Carrington Hall 210
Phone:  417-836-8501
Web site:  http://china.missouristate.edu/
Email:  TamiSutton@MissouriState.edu