About English for Athletic Trainers

The Department of Public Health and Sports Medicine, in cooperation with the English Language Institute, provides a degree preparation program to meet the needs of international graduate students wishing to study within the Master of Athletic Training program. This 8-week boot-camp-style language training takes place immediately before MAT courses begin, ensuring that international students have adequate written and oral communication skills, subject-specific vocabulary, and foundational knowledge of sports science to be successful in the Master of Athletic Training program at Missouri State.

Why take the MAT Preparation Program at the English Language Institute?

  • Become eligible to receive conditional admission to the MAT program
  • Fulfill the university's proof of English proficiency requirement upon successfully completing the program
  • Get to know MAT faculty, the MSU campus, and Springfield while experiencing MAT classes before you begin the program
  • Practice the specific skills you need to achieve maximum success in your degree program
  • Visit athletic training venues on the MSU campus and the Springfield area
  • Receive an International Partner Fee Waiver (75% discount on the out-of-state portion of your tuition at MSU)!

What is included in the program?

  • 23 hours per week of English for Athletic Training classes*, including the following:
    • Vocabulary Development for Athletic Training - 9 hours per week
    • Reading and Presenting Athletic Training Research - 6 hours per week
    • Writing Athletic Training Research - 4 hours per week
    • Practical Communication in a Clinical Setting - 4 hours per week
  • Visits to local athletic training venues
  • Interactions with MSU athletes and other MAT students
  • Guest lectures by MAT faculty