Himawari Tsuchiya

The eight weeks I learned in the English for athletic training course was essential to me in starting the Master of athletic training. First of all, I was able to get used to life in the United States. Living in a new land feels very uneasy. To solve this, the teachers took me to various building locations and guided me. The university campus in the United States is wider than in Japan, and I often get lost, so I was able to start my campus life in a new land smoothly by knowing it before the graduate-level classes started.

Second, I observed the actual Master of Athletic Training class. I visited the sport medicine and rescue project classes. By actually observing these lessons, I was able to enjoy and motivate the athletic training lessons, which made me even more motivated.

Finally, the one that had the most impact on me was the English for athletic training classes. All lessons are related to athletic training. When I entered the AT department in the United States, I was very anxious about whether I could understand or manage the class. We not only conversation in normal English, must be a conversation with the doctor and other AT using the medical English. Medical words have long word lengths and are often difficult to pronounce. In addition, I have to read more literature and work on the research project. Since I could learn the methods and tips in advance in the English for AT class, I was able to greatly reduce my anxiety and stress in the AT class.

These lessons are essential to me in preparing for MAT, and taking these lessons has brought me closer to achieving my dream of qualifying for an Athletic trainer.