Apply for the English for Musicians Program (Bachelor)

Application Instructions for the Undergraduate (Bachelor) English for Musicians Students

All application documents can be emailed to or faxed to 417-836-4784.

  1. Submit an audition
    Send an audition video to Download the Audition Requirements.
  2. Have an interview
    Make an appointment for virtual interview and writing exam with
  3. Complete the application
    Submit the online application below.
  4. Pay the application fee
    Pay the non-refundable $100 application fee. This fee may be paid online by credit card or by Western Union. A credit card convenience fee applies to all credit card payments. IMPORTANT: Deposits are refundable in case of visa denials.
  5. Send financial documentation
    1. Submit a Statement of Financial Support.
    2. Attach an official statement from your bank which specifies in US dollars the amount of money available for one semester as listed on the Statement of Financial Support.
  6. Send personal documentation
    Submit a copy of your passport information page and photograph.
  7. Submit academic transcripts
    If you are applying for conditional admission to Missouri State University's Bachelor of Music program, send a copy of your current high school transcripts in both the original language and translated in English (official translation).

The English Language Institute reserves the right to deny admission or readmission or to restrict enrollment of individuals who are determined to represent a threat to students, faculty, staff, or property. This determination will be made by the Executive Director of the English Language Institute in coordination with the Dean of Students. Appeals to such a decision may be directed to the Associate Vice President for International Programs.

Apply Online

Please complete the form below to apply for the English for Musicians Program.

Include the semester and year (i.e., Fall 2023 or Summer 2022)
Personal Information
Please enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport.
Permanent Address in Home Country
Your permanent home address is required to issue your I-20 (immigration form). This must be your personal address, not an agent's or friend's.
Mailing Address
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Accompanying Family Information
If you are married, will your spouse accompany you?
If yes, please send a copy of your spouse's passport.
If you have children, will they accompany you?
If yes, please send a copy of your child(ren)'s passports.
Academic Information
Please list your secondary school and all universities attended. Include present enrollment, if currently enrolled. If you have attended more than three schools, please list the three most recent schools.
from [mm] [yyyy] to [mm] [yyyy]
from [mm] [yyyy] to [mm] [yyyy]
Transfer Student Information
Visa type
If you are currently studying at a university in the U.S. and you would like to transfer, please provide the school information
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Music Degree Plan
After you complete the English for Musicians program, what is your plan?*