Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Students

Information for Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission Students

SACM Student Letter Requests

Use the SACM student request form to submit your request regarding Change of Major, Financial Guarantee Extension or Modification, or Online Course Approval.

To receive a transcript, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) enrollment verification, or class schedule, visit the Registrar.

Blended Courses

Blended courses are courses that include both seated classroom and online components. Blended courses must be approved by SACM to determine whether your scholarship will apply. Download the Blended Courses Form and email or deliver a completed copy to Julia Baer, Jim D. Morris Center 100. 

If your blended course is not approved, you may file an additional request for online course approval.

Account Holds and Registration Restrictions

SACM Hold: You must finalize your course schedule by the end of the first week of classes each semester. After the first week of the semester, you will not be able to register online until the next registration period. Changes after the first week to the current semester must be done in person at the registrar’s office with a signed acknowledgement form.  

Financial Hold: Failing to turn in your financial guarantee (whether an extension, your initial, or online course) to International Services by the end of the first week of classes may result in finance and/or insurance charges that you will be responsible for (SACM will not pay for finance charges).

Scholarship Requirements

To remain in compliance with your SACM scholarship, you may not: 

  1. Take any courses outside of Missouri State University that is in your major degree audit plan or online.
  2. Take DAN 180 or MUS 239 to satisfy "The Arts" portion of the General Education Breadth of Knowledge requirements.
  3. Take any course for Audit.
  4. Not pursue a major other than the one listed on your Financial Guarantee. (Should you want to change your major with SACM, you will need a letter from Missouri State.  

New International Student Orientation

All SACM students entering Missouri State University (regardless of attendance at the English Language Institute) are required to attend a supplementary orientation session during New International Student Orientation. A hold will be placed on your student account if you do not attend. Incoming students will be given dates, times, and locations of orientation with your admission packet. 

Additional information sessions wll be offered for SACM students as needs arise. For past information session information, download the pdf below.

SACM Current Students Presentation