Financial Assistance

Financial aid and scholarships at Missouri State

Although financial aid programs are available, it is not guaranteed, and you must plan to complete your study at Missouri State without relying on these sources for funding.

Monetary rewards for academic success are available at Missouri State. Information on scholarships is available online. Additionally, several departmental scholarships are available that International Students may apply for. Competition is keen among American and international students, but we encourage you to strive for one or more of these awards for which you may qualify.

The Missouri State Association of International Students (AIS) gives small annual activity awards to those AIS members who are international students, maintain strong grade point averages, and are actively involved in activities of the AIS. Although United States or state government sponsored financial aid in the form of loans or grants is unavailable to international students, Missouri State does provide a small short-term loan fund for emergencies. These funds must be repaid within the same semester they were borrowed.

Graduate Assistantships are available for Graduate Students.

Part-time employment

It is impossible to entirely fund your U.S. education and living expenses from part-time employment.

On-Campus: On-campus part-time employment is available but limited.

Off-Campus: Off-campus part-time employment permission can be requested from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service after your first year in the U.S. but cannot be guaranteed. You must, therefore, plan to fund your study at Missouri State without supplementary income from part-time work.