First-Time College Students

Op5.09-1 International Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

International students from around the world are encouraged to apply to Missouri State University. To apply for admission, please follow these required steps:

  1. The International Student Application and Fee

    Missouri State University invites you to apply for admission by completing and returning the "International Student Application" with the $50 USD application fee (non- refundable). We must receive an application and fee before processing will begin.

    If you do not submit the required application fee payment at the time you submit your application and choose to pay later, processing of your application may be significantly delayed. If you choose to pay later, please do not email or fax credit card information to the University.
  2. Academic Requirements

    You must have completed a full sequence of studies that would qualify you for admission to university-level work in your own country. Additionally, freshman international students must have completed a recognized secondary program comparable to U.S. high school graduation, and have academic records demonstrating achievement comparable to the achievement required by the domestic Freshman Admission Requirements. Completed course work must be equivalent to the twelve-year program in the United States.

    Official proof of any degree, diploma, certificate and/or transcript must be submitted for your file in the original language and a translated copy. If you have completed less than one year of study at a postsecondary institution, regardless of location or length of time attended, you must request these records as well. You must request official documents from each school you have attended (see below).

    Official documents: To qualify as official, documents must be sent to the Missouri State Office of International Services directly from the issuing institution. Official copies must arrive before registration for classes.

    For faster processing: Photocopies** of your application, academic records, and test scores sent by fax or express mail will be accepted initially. If you express mail the original application, the application fee and photocopies of your documents must be included. When you fax your application materials, please mail the fee, original application materials and copies of your educational documents on the same day. Also request certified copies of all your academic records to be sent directly to Missouri State from each school or testing agency.

    **Students from Nigeria must submit OFFICIAL copies of all admission requirements. Unfortunately, the International Services Office cannot accept faxed or copied documents from Nigeria. Also, official WAEC or GCE scores must be sent from the Examination Council.
  3. Proof of English Proficiency

    Proof of your proficiency in English is required if your primary language is not English. Persons who have completed one or more years of university level study in the U.S. may be exempt at the discretion of the International Services Office. Proof can be provided in two ways:
    1. English Proficiency Requirements: TOEFL or IELTS
      The TOEFL score minimum requirements are 61 internet-based score or more and the IELTS score minimum is 5.5 for undergraduate applicants. You must request that original copies of these scores be sent to Missouri State directly from the Educational Testing Service. If you have a computer-based score, check here to see the equivalent paper based score: TOEFL Concordance Tables.
    2. Undergraduates who have not completed the TOEFL or IELTS
      Undergraduates who have not completed the TOEFL with a score of 61 internet-based test score or a 5.5 IELTS score are encouraged to enroll in Missouri State's English Language Institute. Please visit Missouri State's English Language Institute site to learn more about the program.

      To register for the TOEFL see: To register for the IELTS see:

      *Information and registration forms for the TOEFL test is also available at many U.S. Embassies and Consulates, offices of the U.S. Information Agency, and offices of international education organizations, such as the Institute of International Education (IIE), the African-American Institute (AAI), and the American- Mideast Educational and Training Services (AMIDEAST).

      Undergraduate students
      Test Minimum Requirements
      (Internet-based test)
      Score of 61 or more
      *(Scores of less than 15 in any individual band will require enrollment in a corresponding ELI course during student’s first semester at MSU)
      IELTS Score of 5.5** or more
      **(Scores of less than 5.0 in any individual band will require enrollment in a corresponding ELI course during student’s first semester at MSU)
      Missouri State English Language Institute (ELI) program Completion of EAP Level 5
  4. Required Documentation of Financial Support

    If you are applying for admission to Missouri State you will be required to document that you have resources immediately available to cover the first year's expenses including health insurance. You will also be required to pay income taxes if you will receive a scholarship. In addition, you should plan for financial support for the remaining years of your program. Complete and submit the Statement of Financial Support at the time of application by mail, email at, or fax at 1-417-836-7656 to us.

Required Documentation of Financial Support

International applicants must provide proof of necessary financial resources. You will need these documents to complete your visa application and immigration process. Missouri State University and the US Embassy or Consulate will review this information. Download the document below by right-clicking or tap and hold. 

Submit financial documentation at the time of application at

Statement of Financial Support