Immigration for Faculty & Staff

Working directly with the department and approved attorneys, International Services is a centralized visa support for new hires and current non-resident alien employees. 

Most employment based visas require the University to sponsor the non-resident alien for a particular job, at a particular location, falling under the H-1B visa category. If a hiring unit decides to employ a non-resident alien it is the hiring unit's responsibility to contact International Services and initiate the process for an H-1B visa.

Obtaining permanent residency based on employment is an option to current non-resident alien employees of the University, typically in H-1B visa status. All permanent residency cases must go through an approval process by the Permanent Residency Approval Committee (PRAC) before a case is opened with an appoved attorney.

All employment-based visas must be approved and obtained prior to the non-resident alien starting work at the University. A non-resident alien who starts prior to the authorized period will be classified as "out of status" and is subject to deportation immediately. In addition, the University could face penalties and fines if the University willingly allows a non-resident alien to work prior to the authorized period. 

All student-related visa issues should be directed to International Services at 417-836-6618.