Setting up a bank account

You will want to set up your bank account soon after you arrive in Springfield, Missouri. To open an account, most banks will require:

  • Your full name, home address, home telephone number, local address, and local telephone number
  • Two pieces of identification (acceptable ID includes your passport, Missouri State University BearPass card, Missouri driver's license, and at some banks, your birth certificate)
  • A letter from your home bank confirming that you have good banking history can be helpful

There are many banks in the Springfield area, including:

Commerce Bank has a location in Plaster Student Union and ATMs around campus. Others are located off campus.


Postal Mail

A post office is located in Plaster Student Union. You may also visit the U.S. Postal Service website for information on their locations in Springfield.

Cellular Telephone Providers

Review options in The Guide.

Internet and Cable Television Providers

Review options in The Guide.


Bus (City Utilities Transit)

  • For information about City Utilities Transit, including bus routes and fees, visit the website:
  • You may pick up a bus route map either at 1505 N. Boonville, on website, or from a bus driver.
  • Buses pick up passengers at points along the route that are designated with "Bus Stop" signs.

Taxi Cab Companies

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