Resources for Missouri State Academic Units and Advisors

The office of International Sponsored Programs is here to support sponsored students and act as liaison for academic departments and advisors who may be working with international sponsored students. Erin Leonard, International Sponsored Programs Coordinator, may contact various departments across campus regarding sponsoring agency letter requests, nondegree-students seeking permission to enroll in courses, resident life issues, and other information to help sponsored students remain compliant with scholarship requirements.

Advising Notes

Located in the Advising Notes section of My Missouri State is a line indicator to identify if a student is considered ‘sponsored’. This means that the student has external scholarship requirements that may impact how advisors should approach schedule and degree path planning. If you see an indicator (SACM or SPON) and have any questions, please reach out to Erin Leonard.

SACM stands for a Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission student, while SPON is a more generalized code for other sponsored students.

Information Sessions

Periodic information sessions will be posted on the University calendar to keep the Missouri State community up to date on the latest news in International Sponsored Programs.

View past information session slides.

SACM Letter Requests

All letter requests must originate in the office of International Services. Once a student makes an official request, your department may be contacted to provide support for the request. Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Types of requests typically include (PDF forms included below):