What to Pack

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to packing. Following these tips will help you make sure you don't forget any of the basics.

  • Pack medications you use, including extra prescription lenses or contacts.
  • You don't have to over-pack. Springfield has many options when it comes to shopping so you may purchase many items when you arrive. We like to review the lists on OneBag when we're making packing lists.
  • Bring clothing you can layer. It will be warm if you arrive in the fall, and quite cold if you arrive for the spring semester. Review average temperatures so you know what to expect when you arrive.
  • We recommend that you pack any valuable items and documents in your carry-on luggage, with your immigration documents and passport on your person during your flight.
  • You may want to consider bringing small souvenirs from your country, a camera, cultural clothing, or photos from home.
  • Be sure to include your name and your new address on your bags in case they are lost in transit. If you aren't sure of your new address, you may use ours.
  • Remember not to pack weapons, electrical appliances, important items that might be stolen, candles or incense, animals, illegal drugs, or fresh food.