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English Connections Synchronous Online Program

​​​​​​​Program Introduction

Learn English from home AND connect with people from around the world! English Connections helps you strengthen all four English skills: Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking in a FUN, interactive virtual classroom.

Who is English Connections for?

People 16 years and older who need English to:

  • connect with a university in an English-speaking country
  • connect with career opportunities
  • connect with new friends
  • connect with a brighter future
  • connect with entertainment, movies, and music
  • connect with the WORLD!

What English levels are available?

Currently, we are offering courses for CEFR Levels A1-B2 (Please see CEFR Descriptors for more information on levels.)

Technology Needs

This is an online course, so you need to connect with a device with audio/video and a large enough screen and a keyboard.

How much does it cost?

USD $325.

What is included?

  • 5 hours per week of face-to-face virtual classes via Zoom for 5 weeks (total of 25 hours)
  • Feedback on all of your work!
  • FREE Online learning platform access code at no extra charge
  • Membership to Conversation Circles, where you will meet and interact with Americans and other internationals!
  • FREE Official Linguaskill (Cambridge) Proficiency Exam score report after your SECOND session in the program!!!
  • Certificate of Completion from Missouri State University's English Language Institute after each session.
  • Increased fluency and confidence in English in a VERY short time!

Refunds will only be given up to 24 hours BEFORE classes begin.  Before applying, please check World Time Buddy to know what time your class will begin each day. Enter Chicago or Dallas, USA and a city in your time zone to see the time difference.

When are the classes?

Class Times (you can ONLY select one):

  1. Option A: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:30am-10:10am (U.S. Central Time)
  2. Option B: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 7:00pm-8:40pm (U.S. Central Time)


  • Fall Session 1, 2021:  August 31 - September 30
  • Fall Session 2, 2021: November 2 - December 9 (No class Nov. 23-25)
  • Spring Session 1, 2022: January 25 - February 24
  • Spring Session 2, 2022: March 29 - April 28
  • Summer Session, 2022: June 21 - July 21

How to join English Connections:

  1. Complete the application form below.
  2. Check your email for confirmation of receipt of your application and registration for our application interview.
  3. After your interview, wait for our email with instructions on how to pay your course tuition.
  4. After you pay your tuition, wait for our email with instructions on how to access your course.


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