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Live-Online Test Prep Courses

Now you can enjoy the same quality as our traditional test preparation courses from the comfort of your home!

Missouri State Outreach Noncredit Live-Online Test Prep Classes are very similar to the classes we offer on campus. You will benefit from the same curriculum and materials, and the same proven strategies to help you succeed on the exam.

With Missouri State Outreach Noncredit Live-Online Classes, you are able to interact with your instructor and participate in the class through the use of our online classroom technology. When you enroll in the live-online class, you will benefit from a live instructor who is there to teach the class and answer questions in real-time; just like in a traditional classroom setting.

The live-online test prep class uses a learning platform that allows you to view and hear the instructor, share documents, and interact with the instructor and other students. While the instructor uses a microphone to broadcast voice over internet protocol (VOIP) you do not need to worry about adding additional components to your current computer system. Students simply type questions and answers into chat and quiz features built directly into the modules.

The live-online test prep class allows you the opportunity to interact with the instructor and other students in a variety of ways. You will be able to ask questions and make comments through the course’s chat features. In addition, the course will utilize quiz features that allow you to practice the skills you are developing and answer questions. You will also have access to your instructor by phone and email, just as you would in our traditional classroom programs.

As an added benefit, each session is recorded and made available to you to view at your convenience. The streaming video will be available to you shortly after the scheduled meeting date and will remain available for 30 days after the session.



For more information please call the English Language Institute office at 417-836-6540 or email at: ELI@MissouriState.edu.