About Global Leadership Academy

The Global Leadership Academy will investigate how culture and the arts bring people and societies together. This two-week program will focus on how art and culture can help directly change the world. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will serve as a backdrop for the academy’s curriculum and will allow students to explore the importance of the goals as a "shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet” (SDG/Action Campaign). By understanding how people think, act, and lead from different viewpoints across cultures, student scholars will gain leadership skills through collaborative group projects, workshops, and guest speakers.

Workshop staff from a wide range of different countries give you a chance to learn from first-hand experience how people think, act, and lead from different perspectives across cultures. 

Packing over 150 hours of leadership, language, and cultural immersion experience into each 2-week session, the program delivers measurable results in a very short time.