About Global Leadership Academy

Global Leadership Academy offers you the opportunity to:

  • Become a member of a group of fearless speakers and writers of English, ready to take the lead in your chosen field.  
  • Achieve something that is impossible to obtain in your own country, fully unlocking your language potential by practicing speaking, reading, listening, and writing English. 
  • Gain important leadership skills through dynamic group projects and workshops, emotional intelligence training, and opportunities to gain a wider perspective of the world by interacting with people from around the world.

Workshop staff from a wide range of different countries give you a chance to learn from first-hand experience how people think, act, and lead from different perspectives across cultures. 

Packing over 150 hours of leadership, language, and cultural immersion experience into each 2-week session, the program delivers measurable results in a very short time. 

Program Options

GLA, among other skills, will be focusing on either an introduction to U.S. College Life and Leadership or Global Leadership. Both of these program options are based on the needs of your cohort. Each costs $2000 USD per youth participant, and a minimum of 15 individuals is required per group. ​​​​​​​

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