Instructors and Staff

Dr. Jane E. Robison

Hi! My name is Dr. Jane Robison, and I'm the English Language Institute Director. I began working with the ELI program in 1996, and I have enjoyed seeing hundreds of students successfully complete our classes and go on to study in the university.

Pascal Hamon

Hi! I am originally from Nantes, France but I have been working and studying in Springfield, Missouri for many years. I have had to learn English myself and I know how frustrating and rewarding it can be. Welcome to the ELI!

Joshua J. Winborne

Welcome! I have been with Missouri State for four years and enjoy being of service to others. I graduated from Missouri State in 2015 with an M.A. in History. I love the outdoors and finding any excuse to build something with my hands.

Kelsey L. Goin

I have been working at the ELI since 2012. I graduated from MSU in 2012 with a BA in Intercultural Communication and Diversity. I love working with students of all ages. I speak English and Spanish, but I would like to learn Japanese!

Jennifer A. Johnston

Hello! I started teaching at the ELI at MSU in August 1999 and I love teaching here! I have also taught in Niigata, Japan and in Masan, South Korea. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my children, learning foreign languages, and traveling.

Terry M. Barakat

Greetings! I have been teaching at the ELI since August of 2007. I grew up near Chicago, and I love to cook and eat good food, watch movies, read novels, and listen to fabulous music. Come see me soon at the ELI and we can share favorite songs!

Iris K. Kidula

Iris K. Kidula

English Language Instruction Specialist

Paula M. Moore

Hi, I started teaching at the ELI at MSU in 1998, and I have lived and taught English in South Korea and Taiwan. While I was in Taiwan, I also studied Mandarin Chinese. In my free time, I enjoy reading, canoeing, hiking, and watching movies.

Phil Bridges

Hello, I've been at the ELI since 2007 teaching classes and working with special programs. Outside of class, I play music, read novels, study languages, play outdoors, watch baseball, and spend time with my wife, family, and friends.

J. Brandon Decker

Welcome to the ELI. I’ve been teaching here since January of 2013, though I’ve been teaching ESL since 2002. I’ve traveled to 19 countries, but most of my experience is in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Kurtis R. Foster

Kurtis R. Foster

English Language Instruction Academic Specialist

Salutations! I began teaching at ELI in 2010 and have enjoyed every minute of it. I also taught English in Masan, South Korea. Playing music, learning and sharing about new languages and cultures are some of my favorite things. Welcome to ELI!

Crystal A. Young

Crystal A. Young

English Language Institute Academic Specialist

Hello! I first started working at the ELI in 2003 as a graduate student. I have lived in Springfield for most of my life, but also spent years in Spain, South Korea, and Qatar. I love teaching and cannot wait to meet you! I hope you study at the ELI.

Chaz Miller

Teaching at ELI since summer 2010

Christy L. Conaway

Teaching at ELI since the summer of 2008

Cali C. Pettijohn

Teaching at the ELI since summer 2008.

Juan D. Cabrera Hurtado

Teaching at ELI since the spring of 2013

Ashlea R. Betzen-Miyauchi

Teaching at ELI since the summer of 2013