ID Process & Tax Information

Personnel Action Form and ID Process

If a department is actually paying wages to an international scholar as an employee, the standard Personnel Action Form is to be utilized along with all other standard "new hire" forms (I-9, W-4, Direct Deposit, etc).

Obtaining a Missouri State University ID is the next step, and not an automatic one. Once the Personnel Action Form is processed, the individual is assigned an ID number. The individual must take a copy of their passport/photo ID, acceptance letter or a letter from the Payroll office with your ID number listed on it to the BearPass Card Office. The BearPass Card Office will then process the information they need to create the ID.

In order for a scholar to obtain a drivers license in Missouri, the scholars must take a written and a driving test. A study guide for the written test is available on the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

Non-immigrant Tax Information

Visiting Scholars and their departments at Missouri State University are fortunate to have access to assistance with non resident alien tax issues from a full time staff member in the Payroll Office.