In Touch Teacher Training

Our experts in the Teacher Training department of the English Language Institute have developed many workshops designed to help you level up your teaching game!

Upon completion of each workshop, you will receive an official certificate from Missouri State University to add to your professional portfolio.

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 Newsletter  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Access to Discussion Forums  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Conversation Circles All-Access  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Academic Lectures All-Access  Yes  Yes  Yes
 EAP Course Observations per session

 Yes -

1 per session

 Yes - 

2 per session

Yes - 

 4 per session

Ask Me Anything Fridays (twice per month)  No  Yes  Yes
Free webinar attendance  Yes  Yes  Yes
$100 off short online courses   No  Yes  Yes

Additional 10% discount on any ELI course (in-person OR online!)

No  No


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