International Leadership and Training Center

  • Live and Learn in the Heart of the U.S.A.

    You will receive warm and welcoming Midwestern hospitality in beautiful Springfield, Missouri. Located in the center of the country, Springfield is the perfect place to experience true U.S. culture.

  • Build Relationships with U.S. Businesses

    Site visits and networking help you develop contacts with organizations that add value to your experience.

  • Customized Programs in a Variety of Industries

    With subject matter experts from business to viticulture, we're ready to customize a program to fit your organizational or institutional needs.

We provide high-quality, customized educational programs for international university students and professionals. Whether for academic credit or professional development, each customized program echoes the University’s public affairs mission, emphasizing cultural competence, ethical leadership, and community engagement.

Contact the International Leadership and Training Center via email, phone, or mail for more information about the programs we offer.