In all our programming, we seek to provide each student with a well-rounded experience focusing on three key aspects: academics, practical training, and cultural integration. 


Whether on a program for academic credit or for professional development, we arrange each educational experience with highly qualified instructors in a way that meets your program’s goals. Each program we produce is customized to the client’s academic necessities, including quality English instruction if required.

Practical Training

Aside from classroom lectures and learning, we also provide practical training, visits to local businesses and discussions with field professionals. We create and schedule visits to nearby institutions where learning can happen in a practical sense. Whether visiting farms in the countryside, business leaders in downtown Springfield, or practicing in the laboratory, practical training is a key objective in each ILTC program.

Cultural Integration

Part of the excitement of ILTC programs is the opportunity to learn about U.S. culture from the inside. We provide plenty of opportunities throughout the year to involve our guests in American cultural events, including holidays, food festivals, sporting events, concerts, art exhibits, and the great outdoors.


Contact the International Leadership and Training Center via email, phone, or mail for more information about the programs we offer.