Curriculum Philosophy:

The English Language Institute English for Academic Purposes program at Missouri State University is a progressive intensive English program which offers a state-of-the-art education to international students seeking to improve their academic language proficiency. Our curriculum is based on a communicative approach to language teaching / learning, and our courses are learner-centered rather than teacher-centered. As such, we view the instructor’s role as that of a guide, facilitator, coach, and mentor. In this capacity, instructors will allow students to shape the content and direction of courses as much as is feasible within the stated objectives / guidelines set for each class. In addition, instructors in our program will be aware of and take into consideration individual personality and learning style differences as well as other affective factors.

General Curriculum:

The English Language Institute English for Academic Purposes program is composed of 6 levels of proficiency, with the 6th level designed for advanced level students who wish to pursue graduate degree programs. We provide five 8-week sessions each year with four during fall and spring and one during summer. At each level, students take courses in Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking. For more detailed information about skill requirements for each class and level of the English for Academic Purposes program, review the ELI Scope and Sequence PDF document.

The mission of the English Language Institute is “Providing English language learners with skills for academic and career success." Our curriculum has a strong foundation in developing academic skills. In every class, skills necessary to succeed at an American university are emphasized and practiced. Skills including researched writing, critical reading, presenting, and gleaning knowledge from academic lectures are integral to our program. Students have numerous opportunities to observe lectures given by Missouri State University faculty and interact with the campus community. We organize and conduct campus and library tours for new students and invite speakers representing Student Activities Council members and student services offices to make presentations to our students. The vast majority of our students intend to study at Missouri State University, and as such, we have tailored our program to meet their needs by offering quality educational experiences that reflect the demands of a university education, both undergraduate and graduate.