Language Exchange Program

Share your world...

This program is for partnering ELI students that speak the languages taught in the World Languages and Cultures department with MSU students studying that language.

The Language Exchange Program is an informal meeting opportunity for students to get together and share cultural and personal interests while practicing languages they are currently learning.

International students studying English at the ELI who speak a language taught by the World Languages and Cultures department are partnered with MSU students studying that language.

Purpose: This Program...

  • allows international students to use the English Language outside of the classroom while they learn more about American language and culture from people who use the language and live the culture everyday.
  • provides Americans the chance to meet someone from another country who can help them develop and strengthen their international perspective in order to function effectively in the increasingly interdependent world.
  • offers all participants a way to create international friendships and foster global knowledge and understanding.

Expectations: Participants agree to:

  • meet at least once a week for an hour and speak English. Partners decide when and where they will meet and what they will discuss or do.
  • respect each other's time, values, and opinions.
  • provide feedback to the ELI about their experience in the program.

We are not currently taking applications for this program.

If you have any questions and need further assistance, please contact Susie at the ELI.

Contact: or Susie Kekec 417-836-6540