About Global Leaders and Mentors


Global Leaders and Mentors facilitates the inclusion of Missouri State University's global community through lifelong friendships, leadership development, and mentorship.  


The purpose of GLaM is to create a global community where every Bear feels welcomed, valued, and engaged in all aspects of campus life.  To achieve this purpose this organization will promote engagement and interaction between citizens of all nations, while incorporating Missouri State University’s pillars of public affairs.

Program benefits

GLaM members enjoy many benefits:

  • Cultural competence, cross-cultural communication, and leadership training
  • Networking opportunities with International Services and Programs staff
  • Opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world

GLaM members will gain self-awareness, leadership and teamwork skills, and cultural competence. Members will attend workshops to learn to work as a team, communicate clearly, and mentor new students effectively.

Member expectations

GLaM members will serve as mentors to new international students, beginning with airport pick-up and continuing through their first semester (ideally maintaining a mentor/friendly relationship beyond). 

  • Participate in mandatory workshops April 9 and April 16, 2021
  • Maintain communication with your partners and advisors during the summer
  • Participate in an intensive training week with your fellow mentors in July
  • Greet new international students upon their arrival in Springfield
  • Help international students feel welcome at Missouri State
  • Participate in airport pick-up and New International Student Orientation activities August 12-13, 2021
  • Participate in community and volunteer service opportunities that highlight the Public Affairs mission
  • Encourage international students to be involved on campus and provide opportunities to do so

GLaM members will be dedicated to the success of new students and present themselves, GLaM, and Missouri State in a positive way to their community.


GLaM members will work as a team to build an inclusive community at Missouri State. GLaM mentors have access to each other’s’ knowledge and experience through group chats. They also enjoy a strong working relationship with International Services and Programs staff to better serve student needs.

Each GLaMmer's experience is different as each relationship created between the GLaMmer and their mentors manifests differently. Throughout the course of the year, we encourage students to learn more about each other and explore their interests.

GLaM members will participate in planned programming and events, promote, recruit, and select new members, and implement service and social projects.

Staff advisor

  • Daezia Smith

Graduate assistant

  • Niyati Sethi