About Global Leaders and Mentors

Global Leaders and Mentors (GLaM) was recognized as a Missouri State University student organization November 7, 2017.


Global Leaders and Mentors facilitates the inclusion of Missouri State University's global community through lifelong friendships, leadership development, and project-based mentorship.  


The purpose of GLaM is to create a global community where every Bear feels welcomed, valued, and engaged in all aspects of campus life.  To achieve this purpose this organization will promote engagement and interaction between citizens of all nations, while incorporating Missouri State University’s pillars of public affairs.


GLaM members enjoy many benefits:

  • Cultural competence training
  • Cross-cultural communication training
  • Leadership training
  • All-expenses paid summer leadership retreat (July 30 - August 3)
  • Opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world

GLaM members will gain self-awareness, leadership and teamwork skills, and cultural competence. Members will attend workshops to learn to work as a team, communicate clearly, and to be a mentor to new students. 


GLaM members will serve as mentors to new international students, beginning with airport pick-up and continuing through their first semester (ideally maintaining a mentor/friendly relationship beyond). 

  • Participate in mandatory workshops April 28 & May 5, 2018
  • Maintain communication with your partners and advisors during the summer
  • Live on-site in Springfield July 30 - August 3, 2018 with team members during your summer leadership retreat
  • Greet new international students upon their arrival in Springfield
  • Help international students feel welcome at Missouri State
  • Participate in airport pick-up and New International Student Orientation activities
  • Participate in community and volunteer service opportunities that highlight the Public Affairs mission
  • Encourage international students to be involved on campus and provide opportunities to do so

GLaM members will be dedicated to the success of new students and present themselves, GLaM, and Missouri State in a positive way to their community.


GLaM members will work as a team to build an inclusive community at Missouri State. This team will include 24 members, 6-8 of whom will serve as executive board members. All members will be paired with a peer partner. You and your partner will work together as mentors for new students through their first semester (and beyond, if you like). 

The executive board will plan programing and events, promote, recruit, and select new members, and implement service and social projects with help from GLaM members.

Executive Positions


  1. The President shall guide GLaM towards the fulfillment of the goals, as stated in the purpose, and appear at all possible GLaM functions.
  2. The President shall preside over meetings of GLaM, or assign an appropriate executive officer to take charge of the meeting in extraordinary circumstances.
  3. The President shall serve as official representative of GLaM in public events of the university, as well as, other different organizations on and off campus.
  4. The president shall be responsible for assigning student partnerships

Vice President

  1. The Vice President shall serve in the President’s stead during meetings in extraordinary circumstances
  2. The Vice President shall organize lessons on topics such as cultural competence and leadership for GLaM members
  3. The Vice President shall work with the Events Coordinator to plan leadership retreats for the executive board
  4. The Vice President shall work with the Events Coordinator to manage guest speaker arrangements for leadership development


  1. The Secretary shall record and keep meeting minutes of all GLaM executive and general meetings.
  2. The Secretary shall keep track of member list and members’ attendance at all GLaM executive and general meetings and events.
  3. The Secretary shall prepare and inform members and officers of meeting dates and times.
  4. The Secretary shall handle organization’s correspondence and documents.

Public Relations

  1. The Public Relations officer shall be responsible for publicity and promotion for all events and activities of GLaM.
  2. The Public Relations officer shall keep updating all news and activities of GLaM through social media, newsletters, MSU calendars, etc.
  3. The Public Relations officer shall be responsible to updating the executive board and general members about campus activities and organization partnership opportunities

Events Coordinator

  1. The Events Coordinator shall plan and assist in the execution of all aspects of GLaM social and outreach events.
  2. The Events Coordinator shall insure that meeting and event space has been secured.
  3. The Events Coordinator shall contribute to the budgeting and event proposal process and shall work with sponsors both on-campus and off to help secure funding for events.

Student Government Association Representatives, Student Activities Council Representatives

  1. GLaM may have up to two SGA/SAC representatives to report news and information from SGA and SAC back to GLaM.
  2. SGA/SAC representatives shall serve as a connection between GLaM and SGA/SAC

Global Leaders and Mentors Faculty and Staff Support

Staff advisors

Samantha Francka, International Programs

Peng Zhang, China Programs

Faculty and staff mentors

Laura Backer, Student Engagement

Joyce Eddy, International Friends

Yvania Garcia-Pusateri, Multicultural Programs

Kristina Guinn, International Services

Dandan Liu, China Programs

Paula Moore, English Language Institute Special Programs

Ashley Neyer, Study Away Programs

Patrick Parnell, International Services

Daezia Smith, International Leadership and Training Center

Dane' Wallace, Global Studies

Darren Young, International Services