Globally Responsive Education and Teaching

About GREAT Program

The Globally Responsive Education and Teaching (GREAT) program at Missouri State University promotes internalization of the curriculum, advocates intercultural classroom teaching and learning on campus, and facilitates global research collaborations by providing a platform for dialogues between MSU faculty and international scholars.
Mr. Peng Zhang - Business Instruction Specialist/Coordinator of International Curriculum and Programs Development, Missouri State University
Dr. Helen Zhuang - Language Specialist, Office of International Programs, Missouri State University

Operation Coordinator:
Ms. Yizhu (Sherry) Gai

GREAT Faculty Advisory Board:
Dr. Ismet Anitsal - Department Head, Department of Marketing, College of Business
Dr. Juan Meraz - Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
Dr. Judith Martinez - Diversity Fellow, College of Arts and Letters
Dr. Kelly Cabrera - Coordinator of International Leadership and Training Center
Dr. Kyoungtae Kim - Professor and Associate Dean, College of Natural and Applied Science
Dr. Michael Burton - Professor, College of Agriculture
Dr. Rhonda Bishop - Clinic Instructor, College of Education
Dr. Sanjay Tewari - Assistant professor, Cooperative Engineering Program, College of Nature and Applied Science


GREAT Program Newsletter


Online teaching tips

We asked Missouri State faculty to share tips and tricks for successful online instruction with international students in mind.