Conditional Admission

Applicants to the English Language Institute (ELI) may request "conditional admission" to undergraduate or graduate programs at Missouri State University.

We have found that students who are determined to be admissable to university study upon completion of the ELI are more successful in obtaining their student visas.

During the ELI admission process:

  • applicants must submit their academic transcripts, along with other required documents listed on the application guide (unofficial transcripts will be accepted during this phase)
  • the academic transcript will be evaluated
  • if the student meets the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) for the desired program of study, a letter of conditional admission will be issued

"Conditional admission" to Missouri State means that a student has met the minimum GPA requirement to be considered for admission into the desired program of study. It does not mean that the student has been accepted to the university or that program of study. To be officially admitted, students must satisfy all the conditions listed on their admission letters and complete all steps in the admission process.

To be officially admitted to your chosen program of study or degree program, you must:

  1. Meet with an advisor in the International Services office before completion of the ELI to discuss your academic options
  2. Complete English language training through the ELI (through level 5 for undergraduates, level 6G for graduates)
  3. Complete the International Student admission application to Missouri State and submit the $50 admission fee
  4. Have a satisfactory GPA for your chosen degree program
  5. Submit original academic transcripts from your previous school or university (these must be translated to English and sent to Missouri State in sealed envelopes directly from the issuing office or translator)
  6. For graduate programs, have an acceptable GMAT or GRE score
  7. Some graduate programs may require prerequisite courses (the department will direct you)