GREAT Online Teaching Tips


Meet our experts and learn more about the courses they teach online at Missouri State.

Class preparation

Should teachers maintain the same expectations as face-to-face instruction for student engagement, learning outcomes, and learning experiences when teaching online?

What preparation efforts are required for building online courses? Is additional effort necessary to teach online courses in the international context?

What teaching strategies do you employ to build student engagement and maintain learning interests and motivation in large online, lab, or international courses? How do you maintain teaching quality and learning experiences?

How do you perceive and address language barriers or cultural differences in online classes?

How do you address differences in time zones in your online courses?

What strategies or alternatives do you use when internet connectivity is an issue?


What strategies do you use when grading assignments and proctoring exams to assess online learning outcomes? What changes in international context?


What other adjustments should teachers make for mixed cultural online courses or for an entirely international class?