Our customized programs are just that - customized. We build each program to meet specific organizational or institutional needs for our participants. The gallery below highlights activities from prior agriculture programs at the ILTC.

  • Explore Missouri State's Darr College of Agriculture

    Missouri's agriculture resources provide ILTC participants with many opportunities for hands-on experience. These Ningxia University students learn about cattle at the MSU Darr College of Agriculture.

  • Join Missouri State Students in the Classroom, and Out

    The Global Agriculture Initiative matches students from UniCesumar (Maringa, Brazil) with Missouri State University for an annual exchange that includes farm visits in both countries.

  • Visit the Missouri State University Research Farm

    The ILTC's largest annual project is a customized agriculture education program for 50 students from Ningxia University in China.

  • Tour Missouri's Wine Industry

    Winery CEOs and winemakers from China's Ningxia Region studied the Missouri wine industry in 2015, including this visit to Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, Missouri.

  • Meet Local Farmers

    Visiting faculty from the Agriculture and Wine Schools of Ningxia University meet local farmers at Millsap Farms to learn about community supported agriculture in the Springfield area.

  • Gain Hands-On Experience

    Viticulture program participants from China learn about American grape cultivation practices at the Missouri State research vineyard.

  • Unicesumar Agriculture Program

  • Unicesumar Agriculture Program

  • Unicesumar Agriculture Program

  • Southwest University Plant Science Program

  • Southwest University Plant Science Program

  • Southwest University Plant Science Program

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