Education Abroad Pass/Fail Grade Policy

  • All long-term (through a third-party institution or provider, not taught by MSU faculty) Education Abroad courses transfer to Missouri State as Pass or Fail.
  • Your GPA is not impacted by a Pass or Fail grade.
  • The GPA you depart with will remain the same upon your return to Missouri State.
  • Pass or Fail grading does not apply to MSU short-term, faculty-directed program courses. 
Appealing the Pass/Fail Grade Policy
Some students prefer to receive letter grades if they plan to apply later for graduate school or other medical or professional schools. Review admission requirements of schools you plan to apply to regarding letter grade requirements.

If you would prefer to receive letter grades for your Education Abroad courses, please complete the Education Abroad Letter Grade Request. You must gather all necessary signatures before submitting it to the Education Abroad Director in PSU 209.