While You're Abroad

The Pre-Departure Orientation Handbook covers everything you need to know while abroad, including registration, safety, culture shock, etc. Please look over this guide carefully to ensure you are on track in your education abroad program.

While You're Abroad: Academics

Registering for Next Semester While Abroad

You will be responsible for registering yourself online through My Missouri State for the following semester, even when you are abroad. For some who are in significantly different time zones, this may mean your registration sequence begins in the middle of the night. Be sure you know your registration sequence date and time!

If you require an advisor release, prerequisite waivers, and/or closed section overrides from your academic advisor or department head, it is your responsibility to contact them prior to registration.

It's important to check your "Registration Status" under the Academics tab of My Missouri State. Here, you will find out if you have any holds that are preventing you from registering.

Finally, test your "Add or Drop Classes" link prior to the start of registration to ensure that you can add sections through the My Missouri State portal. In some countries, the differences in internet frequency may affect your ability to access the registration system. Do not wait until registration time to discover if there is a problem!

If you do find that you need assistance accessing the registration portal, please contact the Office of Education Abroad at EducationAbroad@MissouriState.edu or 417-836-6368.

While You're Abroad: Finances

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While You're Abroad: Insurance

Staying Insured While Abroad

Education Abroad enrolls students in insurance, beginning three days before their program start date and ending three days after their program end date. If you plan to extend your stay abroad after this time, please consider purchasing supplemental health insurance through GeoBlue. Education Abroad has partnered with GeoBlue to offer Education Abroad students the opportunity to purchace supplemental insurance at our member rate.

While You're Abroad: Misc.

Keeping in Touch While Abroad

International phone plans and timezone differences can make keeping in touch with friends and family while abroad difficult, and different countries use different applications. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be stressful! Here are some resources about phone plans and messaging apps while abroad:

Voting While Abroad

We encourage students to continue exercising their ability to vote, even while they are abroad! Please see below for a few resources: