How to Search and Apply For an Education Abroad Program

To begin your Education Abroad program search or application, choose one of the following options.

Search for Program Opportunities

  1. To locate available opportunities, use the Program Discovery Search Tool.
  2. To find out more about available programs, click on the program’s link for an overview of locations, term, deadlines, and description.
  3. To create a list of programs to review later, click the heart icon next to the program’s title and log in using your Missouri State BearPass Login (username and password).

Apply for a Education Abroad Program

  1. To create an application, locate your specific program and click Apply Now, which appears on the program’s page.
  2. The application will prompt you to select the appropriate term.
  3. The Missouri State application system will provide you with all of the required items that must be completed for study abroad consideration.
  4. If you are planning to participate in a program through an affiliate provider, you must also complete an application with that institution. There will be a link to their website on the program brochure.
  5. To complete your Missouri State application, make sure that you have completed all the requirements of your desired program and click Submit Application.

Request Approval for an Independent Education Abroad Program

Are you thinking about studying abroad at a location/institution not already listed? Missouri State students can request that an "independent option" be approved to allow academic credit transfer and use of scholarships/financial aid. To start, visit our Independent Education Abroad Program page.

Register an International Internship, Research, or Practicum Experience

Even though these experiences may not be considered "education abroad", MSU still requires participants to register their experience through the Office of Education Abroad. These experiences can be credit-bearing or noncredit bearing, but could include activities such as an internship, research, field work, practicum, service-learning, etc.

To start, visit our International Academic Experience page.