Passport and Visa Information

The Office of Education Abroad at Missouri State cannot advise you on visa processes. Each country has a specific established visa process and can vary dependent upon your length of stay. We have compiled the following information to guide you through the process, but we encourage you to contact your program provider or the appropriate consulate/embassy to confirm information.

Passport Information for US Citizens

In order to go abroad you must have a valid passport, which is your identification as a citizen. The application takes up to four to eight weeks to process and receive. The U.S. Department of State can provide you with specific details on how to get your passport, learn about the application requirements and locations, and report a lost, or stolen passport.

In Springfield there are multiple locations where you can apply for your passport:


A visa is an entry/residency permit and official permission granted by the authorities of the country where you will study which allows you to enter and remain in that country.

  • Frequently, visa is a stamp in your passport, not a separate document.
  • Start your visa application early as the process might be lengthy.
  • Your visa application may require you to travel to Chicago, Houston, or Washington D.C. and must be factored into the cost of your program.
  • You may be denied entry into, or be deported from, a country for which you have not obtained a required visa.
  • For some countries, certain medical requirements must be met before a visa will be issued.

Many countries will not issue visas to persons with any type of police record.

Resources for Passports/Visas

Foreign Citizens

The procedures that you will follow may be different than those for U.S. citizens. You must set up an appointment with International Service to discuss your Missouri State immigration documents and complete the required International Services/Education Abroad form. International Services cannot advise on foreign visas. It is your responsibility to determine any necessary visas for your new host country.

Please Note

We cannot issue visa documents or guarantee that visas will be granted. We have no authority over the rules imposed on entrant by a foreign government. We recognize that the visa process can be confusing, lengthy, and frustrating but we believe it is an integral part of the education abroad experience. It is common for countries to impose new sanctions on foreign citizens when other countries alter their immigration requirements. Please take responsibility for navigating the visa application process to be well-prepared to manage other unfamiliar and challenging aspects of life in your host country.