Education Abroad as a Graduate Student

Traditionally, education abroad programs are designed for undergraduate study, but it is possible to include an international academic experience as part of your graduate studies. Because each Master's program is unique with specific requirements, it is important to work with your graduate program advisor as soon as you've decided to study abroad.

There are several program options that Missouri State University graduate students can consider. Education Abroad Programs offers Short Term Faculty Directed programs, semester or year-long opportunities, or students can pursue an independent internship/research experience.

Short term faculty directed programs

Missouri State faculty members include graduate course options on their Short Term Faculty Directed programs. The list of all Short Term programs is found here: Education Abroad Program

Semester or year-long options

Because the equivalent of postbaccalaureate education can vary by country, some of Missouri State's international partners may be able to accommodate graduate-level coursework and some may not. It's important to first discuss this option with the the Office of Education Abroad and then with your graduate program advisor. Foreign language study commonly supplements one's graduate studies, and can be accomplished by dedicating a semester or summer to an intensive language program.

If you are a College of Business graduate student, please visit the International Business Programs office in Glass 223 to discuss graduate-level options available through the Magellan Exchange and Clermont Auvergne (formerly Blaise-Pascal) University. It's also important to note that graduate students within the College of Business will receive letter grades for their coursework taken abroad.

Independent research or internship opportunities

Because graduate students are expected to manage their individualized research projects, most graduate students choose to pursue research or internships abroad instead of taking classes. Even though these experiences may not be considered "education abroad", the university still requires participants to register their experience through Education Abroad. These experiences can be credit-bearing or noncredit bearing, but could include activities such as an internship, research, field work, practicum, service-learning, etc. To register an international academic experience, please visit the International Academic Experience page.

Pursuing a graduate program abroad

Education Abroad Programs can assist with information related to Missouri State University graduate programs, however, we cannot advise on non-Missouri State University graduate programs. If you are thinking about pursuing a Master's degree from another country, it is important to contact the institution directly to seek the information you need regarding admission requirements, academic program, tuition costs, nearby housing options. etc.