Helpful Questions to Ask Your Education Abroad Student

In order to help students better help themselves, use the following questions to guide your student as they prepare for their time abroad.

Prior to deciding on a Education Abroad program

  • Have you checked your passport to make sure it's up to date?
  • Have you determined a budget for the semester/summer/year?
  • How will you negotiate living in a non-English speaking country?
  • Have you met with the Office of Education Abroad to discuss your options?
  • Have you met with your academic advisor to talk about your education abroad plans?
  • Do you plan to meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss your aid and/or scholarships?

During the application process

  • What are your travel plans? Do you know how and when to make the flight arrangements?
  • Have you read your acceptance materials and turned in the appropriate forms to the Office of Education Abroad?
  • Do you know how to get your education abroad courses approved to transfer back to Missouri State University?
  • Have you disclosed any of your needs for either physical disabilities or learning disabilities to the Office of Education Abroad or your program?
  • Do you have health insurance as part of the program and do you know how to activate it?
  • Do you understand the policies that follow you on your education abroad program, such as withdrawals and cancellations?

After acceptance into the program, prior to departure

  • Do you need to get a visa?
  • How are you carrying your money?
  • How will you communicate with me upon arrival and throughout your time abroad?
  • What plans will you have in place for emergencies?
  • Do you have a list of family phone numbers with access codes for long distance dialing?
  • Have you made plans to get medical prescriptions?
  • Do you know the Education Abroad staff emergency cell phone numbers?